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The worlds most promising untapped energy source doesn't consume fossil fuels and doesn't cause oil spills or air pollution, it doesn't depend on wind, it doesn't require us to grow or consume plant matter for ethanol, has no radioactivity or other dangers, needs little if any further research and development, is available everywhere without transportation or storage requirements and can be deployed immediately at a very low cost with payback periods of less than two years.


Our engineering team created the world's first DC solar air conditioner in 2007 and has led the world in solar AC design and quality manufacturing for more than 10 years. We are pleased to offer our 5th generation solar AC, the model 12KACDC. The 12KACDC and 18KACDC blends solar DC power directly with AC power to deliver a seamless cooling or heating experience while making the best use of free DC solar power. But unlike previous versions, the 12KACDC and 18KACDC do not require an AC backup connection to operate during good sunlight conditions. During the day it can operate on 100% solar power.
Designed to last a long time in coastal and/or island areas where salty mist, saline fog, or salt spray may come in contact with critical air conditioner components, the outdoor units use SeaSpray Anti-Corrosion Technology to protect major components from corrosion.
Our manufacturer is the first, the largest, and most reliable provider of solar AC units. Often copied but never duplicated, you can trust Zamna to deliver the world's highest quality solar air conditioning products. Our team is based in the United States and all of our products and parts are stocked and ready for shipment directly from Jupiter, FL. Our customer service and support team are also here in the United States with fluency in several languages you are sure to get the support you need.

why our mini split is better?

  • Zamna Climate can work with a AC or DC power source, as well as a combination of both simultaneously. Traditional mini-split can only work with a stable AC power source.

  • Zamna Climate uses DC power from solar as it is with no conversion losses. Traditional mini-split cannot receive solar power directly and will have to use inverters to convert to AC power.

  • Zamna Climate can be connected directly to a solar power source and operate without the presence of utility grid. Traditional mini-split cannot be connected directly to solar.

  • Zamna Climate can work in a power outage without battery backup if sufficient solar energy is available. Traditional mini-split always requires grid to function or must be connected to a load panel with battery backup or generator to work in a power outage.

  • Zamna Climate base SEER rating is greatly increased during sunlight hours (as high as 75 SEER!!) with power provided from solar. High ambient temperatures make traditional air conditioners work much harder and less efficiently, lowering their actual SEER rating, but the solar enhanced Zamna Climate works more efficiently the hotter it gets!! Traditional mini-split will never work better than it’s rating and will actually decrease in efficiency as ambient temperatures increase making the compressor work harder and equipment less efficient overall.



We are currently looking for companies interested in becoming dealers. We offer regional exclusivity with unparalleled support in marketing and sales of our products. Complimentary sales and product installation material and training provided to our dealers. For more information fill out the form below and someone will contact you.

If you are a HVAC or Solar Panel installer and are interested in offering our products please contact us and we will put you in touch with the dealer nearest you that will be able to offer you special installer pricing and referral packages. 

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